React gets a new ‘Canary’ release channel

May 10, 2023 By Mark Otto 0

Next.js 13.4 Released — Despite the minor version bump, this is a big release for the popular React framework. The new app router and its improved approach to filesystem based routing is now offered as a stable feature, with a new concept of server actions being introduced in alpha as a way to mutate data on the server without needing to create an in-between API layer.

Tim Neutkens and Sebastian Markbåge

As part of this release, the beta docs have been ???? merged back into the main Next.js docs so they’re more up to date than ever and offer some niceties like dark/light theming and a Cmd+K search feature.

React Canaries: Enabling Incremental Feature Rollout Outside Meta — A little birdie told us (groan..) that React now has a new ‘canary’ release channel in a similar style to Chrome Canary. The idea is that you can more quickly use bleeding edge features of React but in an officially supported release.

The React Core Team

React-Admin: The Open-Source Framework for B2B Apps — From simple dashboards to complex admin panels for your entire company, react-admin unleashes the true productivity of React. Join more than 20k devs already building web apps like they play Lego, thanks to 230+ business-oriented components.


▶  ‘I’m Done With React’ — Going from least-to-most important, the reasons this developer isn’t choosing React for future projects make for interesting watching, particularly if you too are overwhelmed by upheaval in the React world. Solid is one of the alternatives he has warmed to.

Adam Elmore

???? Jens Langhammer’s I gambled against React and lost (and I don’t regret a thing) provides an interesting counterpoint.

???? Code and Tools

Ink UI: UI Components for React Based CLIsInk is a popular React renderer that offers the same component-based UI building experience but for command-line apps, and it’s taking a step forward splitting out some handy components into a separate package.

Vadim Demedes

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