We’re going on a memory leak hunt

January 19, 2023 By Mark Otto 0

Node.js Weekly

Fixing a Memory Leak in a Production Node App — Kent encountered a variety of weird memory and CPU usage spikes in his Node-powered app and decided to figure out what was going on. This post walks through his complete journey, with plenty of side problems encountered along the way, before discovering the root cause was where he least expected it.

Kent C Dodds

How To Handle Asynchronous Tasks with BullMQBullMQ is a Redis-based job queue system you can use to offload asynchronous tasks from your app to run in the background. This is a very thorough, practical walkthrough in typical DigitalOcean style.

Stanley Ulili

Bun v0.5 ReleasedBun is another JavaScript runtime taking the world by storm and unlike Deno, some level of Node compatibility has been considered important from the start. v0.5 adds support for node:readline, workspaces, a node:dns shim, and network socket creation support such that more Node.js-based database libraries work out of the box.

Ashcon Partovi

From Ruby to Node: Overhauling Shopify’s CLI — E-commerce platform Shopify is well known as a Ruby shop but even they found a compelling reason to switch to Node for their CLI tool. There are numerous reasons explained here, though easier cross-platform packaging was clearly a big motivation.

Pedro Piñera (Shopify)

🛠 Code & Tools

Glob 8.1: Match Files Using Shell-Style Patterns“Match files using the patterns the shell uses, like stars and stuff.” I still think this is the cutest logo of any Node project out there (if you disagree, hit reply and show us a cuter one).

Isaac Z. Schlueter

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