Running Node.js on the iPad?

May 2, 2023 By Mark Otto 0

Node.js Weekly

Now Node.js Can Run on Every Major Browser Engine — The actual story is that WebContainers can now run on Safari, iOS and iPadOS much as they could on Firefox or Chrome before, meaning Node.js, too, can run directly within all of those browsers, if you so choose. This post digs into the specific challenges of making Node work in such an environment or, if you prefer, there’s a live demo.

Sylwia Vargas (StackBlitz)

New Course by Kyle Simpson: Practical Problem Solving with Algorithms — Walk through four fun challenges with Kyle in this new video course. You’ll learn how to apply algorithms with techniques like recursion, traversals, and acyclic paths, cover memoization to avoid garbage collection, and come away writing more performant code.

Frontend Masters


  • Lizz Parody has a comparison of Node version managers, namely nvm, Volta, and asdf.

  • Vercel has unveiled new storage options for apps running on their platform including a Postgres offering, a Redis compatible key value store, and a Cloudflare-powered file storage solution. Notably, all three are provided by other companies behind the scenes.

  • New-style hosting platform Fly․io has put together a blog post about their love for JavaScript and their (improving) support for hosting JS apps of all types.

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Inquirer.js: Common Terminal UI Input InterfacesInquirer.js is a long standing set of text-based ‘controls’ for accepting text, passwords, offering selections, and a few other such things, for terminal-based apps. Ten years after its initial creation, it has been brought up to 2023 standards, made more efficient, and now supports TypeScript too.

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