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May 3, 2023 By Mark Otto 0

Vercel Introduces First-Class Storage Options — Vercel is a popular platform for deploying React apps but has lacked obvious options for data storage (indeed, they have a lot of templates for common third party systems). Now, though, they’ve partnered with Upstash, Neon, and Cloudflare to offer new first-class key/value, Postgres, and file storage options.

Vercel Inc.

Server Components vs. SSR in Next.js comes at the question from a different direction.

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Introducing React Native macOS 0.71 — With this version, the macOS flavor of React Native catches up with its iOS, Android and Windows cousins, and they want to keep it that way in future. v0.71 introduces an experimental preview of Fabric (React Native’s new rendering system) and more.

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