Netlify acquires Gatsby

February 1, 2023 By Mark Otto 0

The Future of Create React App and Why It Exists — Dan wrote pretty much an essay in a comment on the issue thread we linked last week with “some background on the future of Create React App” and concludes with the team’s thoughts on leaning towards turning Create React App into a ‘launcher.’ As well as being a good response to the original concern about Create React App being a poor suggestion for new users, this is an interesting look at how Dan sees React and its ecosystem more generally.

Dan Abramov

Netlify Acquires Gatsby — The company behind the Gatsby React-based framework is joining Netlify with many Gatsby Cloud features expected to be integrated into Netlify’s extensive hosting platform. This now places Netlify more directly against Vercel who are behind Next.js.

Kyle Mathews (Gatsby)

How to Build a Better React Map with Pigeon Maps and Mapbox — A dev consultancy wanted to have a map on their site of where their employees had given talks around the world. This is a complete walkthrough of the project from defining the requirements through to actually making it live (here, as it happens).

Evil Martians

▶  ‘I Was Wrong About Nested React Components’“I just thought nesting component definitions in React was pointless, turns out it’s a big problem for React when it comes to maintaining state or doing efficient updates. Don’t do it.”

Jack Herrington

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