Issue 2 to the power of 9

November 28, 2023 By Mark Otto 0

Node.js Weekly

Node.js Download Statistics — Node.js TSC member Matteo has put together a handy site that visualizes the publicly available Node.js download statistics, partly as a way to help guide you as to which versions and which architectures need the most support. Notably, Node 18 has only just begun to pass Node 16 in popularity..

Matteo Collina

💡 Matteo goes into more depth in his Adventures in Nodeland newsletter.

Node v20.10.0 (LTS) Released — Node 20 only recently became an LTS release (codenamed ‘Iron’) but has already landed a significant update that backports a variety of useful features, including a --experimental-default-type option to flip the default module system, --experimental-detect-module for automatically running ES modules (when detected), an experimental WebSocket client, and a flush option for certain file system functions. This is pretty neat as you get to use several new features but without going all in with the less stable Node 21 release line.

Michaël Zasso

🛠 Code & Tools

aws-lite: A New Node-Powered AWS Client — Amazon Web Services does a pretty good job with its APIs and associated tooling, but sometimes they can be a little bit heavyweight. aws-lite provides a simpler and faster option. “You can think of it as a community-driven alternative to AWS’s JavaScript SDK.”


😍 Knip has continued to evolve a lot this year, and now also has a snazzy new homepage. You can also learn more about what’s new in 3.x.

  • sqs-consumer 8.0 – The BBC’s solution to building AWS Simple Queue Service (SQS) apps sans boilerplate – instead, you define an async function that handles the message processing.

  • jsdom 23.0 – JS implementation of various web standards for use with Node.

  • Is Text or Binary? 9.2 – Determine if a filename and/or buffer is text or binary.

  • Typegoose 12.0 – Define Mongoose 8 models using TypeScript classes.

  • Secretlint 7.2 – Linting tool to prevent committing credentials.

  • node-hid 2.2 – Access USB & Bluetooth HID devices from Node.

  • pnpm 8.11 – Fast, disk space efficient package manager.

  • np 9.0 – A better npm publish.