AWS vs Vercel for hosting Next.js apps

November 29, 2023 By Mark Otto 0

Tamagui: A UI Kit Unifying React Native and Web — A complete UI solution for cross-platform React apps (web and native) using highly platform-optimized output by way of a smart compiler. It might give you Tailwind CSS vibes, but goes well beyond that.

Nate Weinert

How Web Components Can Eliminate Framework Lock-in — Jakes notes how web components can “dramatically loosen the coupling” of frameworks — and in an effort to prove it, he builds an app where every component is written with a different framework(!)

Jake Lazaroff

Streamline API Development with Postman Workspaces — Postman workspaces give teams shared access to the API tools they need to solve problems together. They are the go-to place for development teams to collaborate and move quickly while staying on the same page.


💡 In related news, the AWS Amplify team blogged about the ‘next generation’ of Amplify’s full-stack development experience. It’s not what Graphite (above) used, but it seems AWS is putting increasing focus on this area.

🛠 Code and Tools

React Share 5.0: Social Media Sharing Buttons — Loads no external scripts, supports tree shaking, and provides buttons for too many platforms to list in full (but think Facebook, Reddit, Telegram, Pinterest..)

Klaus Nygård

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SurveyJS offers an open-source alternative to mainstream SaaS survey platforms and has an integration for React.