‘If you use React, you should be using a React framework.’

January 25, 2023 By Mark Otto 0

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Overheard on Twitter:

“If you use React, you should be using a React framework. If your existing app doesn’t use a framework, you should incrementally migrate to one. If you’re creating a new React project, you should use a framework from the beginning.”

// Andrew Clark of the React core team

An ensuing discussion on Hacker News on the quote above resulted in quite a few people disagreeing with its premise.

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Jack Herrington

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Andrew Lo (Shopify)

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Josh W. Comeau

🛠 Code and Tools

DecaUI: It’s Another React Component Library — There are so many component suites nowadays, but it’s for a good reason: everyone likes different things. DecaUI is another set of accessible and customizable React components (thirteen in all) focused on providing consistency through using a root theme to serve up properties throughout an app. GitHub repo.

Heril Saha

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