How to structure a React app

June 30, 2021 By Mark Otto 0

iMessage Clone using Stream Chat and React Native — Stream recently published an open source clone of the iMessage application built using v3 of stream-chat-react-native library. This project demonstrates the implementation of message search, swipeable channel list, message list, reactions etc, similar to that of iMessage.


📅  React Meetup: The State of the React Ecosytem — While we’re still not quite back to full-on live events it seeems, this one has kind of that feel: a line-up of React observers and influencers opining as to where things stand today. It’s online on Thursday, July 15.

This Dot, Inc.

SolidJS Official Release: The Long Road to 1.0 — Everyone can agree there’s no shortage of JavaScript frameworks, so what makes the first official release of SolidJS worth a closer look? Claims of “all the flexibility of React and simple mental model of Svelte” caught our attention.

Ryan Carniato

📘 Tutorials and Stories

Five Epic React Tips To Use Today — A grab bag of ideas which claim to offer cleaner and more reliable code while making “your development experience easier and overall more enjoyable”.

Reed Barger

How to Use Throttle or Debounce With React Hook — Do you have some code you only want to run a given number of times in a given period of time? If so, you want to throttle it. Only want that code to run after a specified delay? Then debounce it.

John Au-Yeung

🛠 Code and Tools

Stepzilla 7.0: A React Multi-Step/Wizard Component — Provide Stepzilla with existing React components and it’ll let you take users through them in a step by step manner, akin to the common ‘wizard’ UI pattern. It’s been around a long time but now with version 7 has finally introduced hooks support.

Mark Paul

React Cool Form — The latest in Welly Shen’s Cool series: this time around, he turns his considerable talent on creating and management forms.

Welly Shen

react-native-keyboard-tools — Use KeyboardAwareScrollView to automatically scroll to the focused TextInput and useMaskedTextInput to ensure the correct characters are input.

Andrii Tiertyshnyi