Does Node need a mascot of its own?

September 19, 2023 By Mark Otto 0

Node.js Weekly

Does Node.js Need a Mascot? — Go has its cute gopher, Deno has a dinosaur, Bun has, well.. a bun, but what does Node have? Nothing official, as such, and Matteo Collina ponders whether we should change that. Most of the suggestions seem tongue in cheek, but the Node homepage does feel a little bare without something..

Matteo Collina et al.

💡 Node v18.18.0 (LTS) has also been released and introduces the --import flag for pre-loading ESM modules, like how --require does for CommonJS modules.

Tracking Errors in a Node.js Application — Bugs in production slow down velocity and often affect the complete trajectory of your release roadmap. In this article, we’ll look at how to make tracking errors and fixing bugs in your Node.js application more convenient, automated, and safe.


Matteo’s Thoughts on Bun — As the creator of Fastify and a Node.js TSC member, it’s interesting to see what Matteo thinks of alternative runtime Bun. He finds it exciting but does not consider it to be a ‘drop-in replacement’ yet, especially as it does not support Fastify.. OK, as of Bun 1.0.2, it does.

Matteo Collina

Securing Node Apps by Analyzing Real-World Command Injection Examples — If there’s a vulnerability in an npm package, there’s a bad actor looking to take advantage of it. A particularly nasty vulnerability is when code can be manipulated to run unintended and arbitrary commands. Liran explains the ramifications of such command injections and shows off a real world example.

Liran Tal

🛠 Code & Tools

Chrono 2.7: A Natural Language Date Parser — Give it a string like “today”, “last Friday”, “2 weeks from now”, or even an entire date and time, and it’ll come up with a date object to suit.

Wanasit Tanakitrungruang

depcheck: A Tool to Check for Unused Dependencies — A command line tool that analyzes the dependencies in a project to see how each dependency is used, which dependencies are ‘useless’, and which are missing from package.json. You can run it with npx depcheck

Djordje Lukic and Junle Li

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