Using ‘execa’ to run other processes

March 3, 2022 By Mark Otto 0

Running Commands with execa in Node — We’ve linked to Sindre Sorhus’ popular execa process execution library many times over the years, but here’s a thorough tutorial which also shows off the value execa brings over the vanilla child_process.

Simon Plenderleith

Tired of Egregious Egress? — Vultr offers affordable Cloud Compute across more than 20 global locations featuring advanced networking features and a one-click Application & OS Marketplace. Instances start as low as $2.50 per month. Claim $100 in credit now.


📄 PDF: From JavaScript to Rust: A Free Book — A book that attempts to map common JavaScript workflows to the Rust ecosystem, if you’ve been keen to pick up the increasingly popular systems language. There’s also a GitHub repo with the source for the book.

Jarrod Overson

🛠 Code & Tools

dnt: Deno-to-Node Package Transformation Tool — Takes a Deno module and creates an npm package for use in Node. Goes further than mere packaging though and actually injects shims, transforms commonly Deno code forms to Node approaches, and more.

Deno Land

Nohm 3.0: An ORM-of-Sorts for RedisRedis is a popular in-memory data structure store commonly associated with caching. It’s not inherently relational, but you can model such data structures within it and Nohm provides some abstractions to Node users.

Moritz Peters

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