TypeScript 4.7 supports ES modules in Node.js

May 26, 2022 By Mark Otto 0

Node.js Weekly

TypeScript 4.7 Released — We wouldn’t usually make TypeScript a top feature in Node Weekly although many of you are using it, but this release has a huge feature in the shape of ES module support for Node – a feature that has been infamously difficult to implement, and whose reliance on file extensions continues to provoke debate.

Daniel Rosenwasser

DigitalOcean Releases New Functions Service — AWS Lambda launched in November 2014 essentially popularizing a paradigm you now see everywhere: functions as a service. DigitalOcean now joins the party with Functions and, as with Lambda, Node.js gets first class support.

Anshu Agarwal

Quick bytes:

Avoiding Puppeteer AntipatternsPuppeteer remains a fantastic way to control a headless browser from code but I, personally, find it hard to develop best practices around using it. Greg, thankfully, has a bunch of things here not to do in future.

Greg Gorlen

🛠 Code & Tools

Electron 19.0.0 Released — The popular cross platform app building framework upgrades to Chromium 102, V8 10.2, and Node 16.14.2.

Electron Team

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