The rising stars of JS in 2021

January 7, 2022 By Mark Otto Off

2021’s JavaScript Rising Stars — Back for the 6th year running is this popular look at JavaScript projects that have continued to be popular on GitHub. Stars aren’t the only way to determine what projects are good, but it’s one way, and we tend to find it surfaces some worthwhile projects and libraries to check out. 2021 was a strong year for JavaScript and particularly for projects like Next.js, Vite, and zx!

Michael Rambeau

AI-Enabled Chatbots as Easy as “Hello World” — Build a conversational interface for your website or application with Botpress, the open-source platform designed for developers. Create production-ready, reliable, and scalable chatbots — without a team of data scientists or ML experts.


Fuite: A Tool for Finding Memory Leaks in Web Apps — Given the choice of “load up DevTools and do lots of work in the Performance tab” vs “run this script”, the latter sounds like the easier option.. and Fuite aims to make the process of detecting memory leaks in your Web pages as easy as that.

Nolan Lawson



Ember.js 4.1, following Ember 4.0 in December.
ESLint 8.6.0
Jasmine 4.0 – Testing framework for Node and browser.
AVA 4 – Node test runner.
History 5.2 – Manage session history with JS.
fast-json-stringify 3.0 – A faster JSON.stringify().
Chart.js 3.7 – Simple canvas-based HTML5 charts.

Find JavaScript Jobs with Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It’s free for job-seekers.

📒 Articles & Tutorials

The JS Self-Profiling API In Practice — It’s an API that allows webapps to control a sampling profiler for measuring client-side JavaScript execution times. Unsurprisingly it’s in Chrome 94+ only for now.

Nic Jansma

Build a Monitoring App in 2 Hours — Free, live hands-on training on how to build an IoT, application, or infrastructure monitoring time series application.


Introducing Metho: A Way to Add ‘Superpowers’ to JS — Every place I’ve seen this mentioned people have said “very clever, but please don’t use this in production code.” Take that as you will, but Metho certainly lets you twist JS in some rather nifty ways, but maybe you’d want to get your team onside first 😉 GitHub repo.

Jon Randy

🛠 Code & Tools

🎮 And for some fun..

PrinceJS: The Prince of Persia in the Browser — The Prince of Persia is a game I first saw in the early 90s and despite the limited graphics of the time, the mood of the game and the fluidity of the motion of the main character impressed me a lot. Now it’s on the Web. And I’m still terrible at it. Here’s the JS source.

As an aside, Jordan Mechner (the creator of Prince of Persia) wrote a fantastic book about the creation of the game that I hugely enjoyed a few years ago. It’s well worth a read if the diaries of a game developer sound at all interesting to you.

Klemenz, Mechner, et al.