The promises of React Compiler, tested

June 12, 2024 By Mark Otto 0

Enhancing the React Migration Process with ‘Codemods’ — Codemod is an open-source platform for automating code migrations, cleanups and refactors. Upgrading to React 19 will involve a fair bit of that, so Codemod has partnered with the React team to build react-codemod – scripts to enhance the migration experience for React 19 onward.

Alex Bit (Codemod)

Create Consistent UIs with Storybook — Join Steve Kinney for this extensive video course on building scalable, reusable component libraries and design systems with Storybook. Covers set up, styling, documentation, testing, and more.

Frontend Masters

A Full-Stack Web Push API Guide — A complete implementation of push notifications in a Remix app. “If you follow the walk through to the end, you’ll have working push notifications.”

Boaz Sender

📄 RAG on Structured Data with Postgres – A look at an Azure-based Python, React, and Postgres approach for creating a hybrid search system. Pamela Fox

📄 Adding Tests to a TypeScript, Next and tRPC Project Without the Faff Remy Sharp

📄 ClojureScript and the React Compiler Thomas Heller

🛠  Code, Tools & Libraries

DGM.js: Infinite Canvas Library with Smart Shapes — A library for rendering and working with infinitely pannable canvases that contain ‘smart shapes’ that you can script and give various constraints and properties. GPLv3 licensed.

Minkyu Lee

Glide Data Grid: A Canvas-Based Data Grid for Huge Datasets — A “no compromises” data grid component that promises “outrageous performance.” The homepage features a neat demo and it’s MIT licensed. The ‘pricing’ page is a cute touch for a totally free, open source project.