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Why Svelte is converting TypeScript to JSDoc

May 11, 2023 By Mark Otto Off

The JavaScript Ecosystem is Delightfully Weird — There are plenty of examples of how JavaScript is weird but Sam focuses on the why. If you’ve been a JS developer for many years you’ll have seen it go through many phases and morph to fit its…

Custom ERP System: Benefits, Requirements & Cost of Development

March 14, 2023 By Mark Otto Off

If you are looking for an effective and efficient way to manage your business, then a custom enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is the perfect solution. Custom ERP systems allow businesses to collect, store, and analyze information from several departments in one database, making it…

Team Collaboration with Amazon CodeCatalyst

January 16, 2023 By Mark Otto Off

Amazon CodeCatalyst enables teams to collaborate on features, tasks, bugs, and any other work involved when building software. CodeCatalyst was announced at re:Invent 2022 and is currently in preview. Introduction: In a prior post in this series, Using Workflows to Build, Test, and Deploy with…