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March 16, 2023 By Mark Otto 0

Node.js Weekly

Turbowatch: File Change Detector and Task Orchestrator — Not just that but it claims to be extremely fast and “if you ever wanted something like Nodemon but more capable, then you are at the right place.” This looks very promising and the README is full of examples.

Gajus Kuizinas

Node v19.8 (Current) Released — Mostly a minor collection of changes, right down to commits adding trailing commas! Buffer gains a new copyBytesFrom method, fs.openAsBlob is introduced to support File-backed blobs, and a wide variety of dependencies get updates too (e.g. npm to 9.5.1), but there’s little of significant note in 19.8.0. ⚠️ Node v19.8.1 quickly followed to fix a regression that was causing apps to crash so be sure to install 19.8.1 and not 19.8.0.

Node.js Project

How Cloudflare Built an SEO Tool on Workers, D1, and Queues — It’s an open-source tool for monitoring new site content called Prospector. If you use Cloudflare’s serverless platform at all, though, you may be more interested in this post which explains just how such a tool came together, including their use of Hono, an Express-like framework targeting edge compute cases.

Kristian Freeman and Neal Kindschi (Cloudflare)

How to Debug Node Segmentation Faults — Normal execptions are one thing, but when you’re faced with something as cryptic as “segmentation fault (core dumped)”, what are you to do? Tim has some pointers.

Tim Perry

???? Code & Tools

Drizzle: An ORM That Lets You Just Write SQL — Drizzle takes a middle of the road approach where not everything is abstracted away but there’s a bit more structure than just writing raw SQL queries. Type safety is the order of the day here too. GitHub repo.

Andrew Israel (PropelAuth)

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