Remix vs Next.js

February 7, 2024 By Mark Otto 0

Storybook 8 Beta Released — It might be a beta but the folks at Storybook are keen for you to get going. The latest update to the popular UI component workshop presents React developers with benefits including much faster startup times, React Server Components support, as well as Vite 5 and Lit 3 support.

Michael Shilman (Storybook)

Remix Takes on Next.js in ‘Battle’ of the React FrameworksRemix is a still-rising JavaScript framework and is a viable alternative to Next.js in many cases. Its origins go back a decade, and in this interview with Remix CEO Michael Jackson, its past is discussed as well as what the future may hold.

Richard MacManus (The New Stack)

Learn Advanced JavaScript Performance Optimization — Garbage collection, memory profiling, data structures like sets and arrays, and event loop management. Learn performance-driven programming, preparing you to write blazingly fast and efficient code!

Frontend Masters

▶  Dan Abramov Speaks — Dan needs no introduction, but in this recent podcast episode he spoke about his time on the React core team, thoughts on React Server Components, and the continuing evolution of the ecosystem. Fingers crossed for a full transcript soon.

Tejas Kumar (LogRocket Podcast)

▶  Five Application Killing React ‘Anti-Patterns’ — Jack asked his viewers to submit ways that bad practices and anti-patterns had popped up in their apps. He goes over some here and suggests some countermeasures and mitigations. (13 minutes.)

Jack Herrington

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