React vs Remix vs HTMX

February 28, 2024 By Mark Otto 0

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Exploring Next.js Forms with Server Actions — Learn from Robin’s experiences: “I delved deep into exploring Forms in Next.js 14 using Next’s App Router, React Server Components (RSC), and Server Actions. This comprehensive tutorial covers React/Next native aspects like useFormStatus, useFormState and revalidatePath.”

Robin Wieruch


  • Facebook / Meta engineer Christopher Chedeau (aka Vjeux) has written about his 12 years at Meta, including his involvement in the early days of React, his efforts to get React Native off the ground, and his part in the creation of Docusaurus.

  • 📅 React Universe 2024 is the new name of React Native EU and takes place in Poland this September. Its CFP is open until March 22.

  • 📅 Vercel Ship is another event taking place both in New York and online this May and will focus on everything going on Vercel-wise.

  • Kyle Cook thinks ▶️ the changes coming up in React 19 are “amazing” and walks through each of them in just 9 minutes.

HTMX vs React: A Complete Comparison — In contrast to the Next/Remix comparison (above), it strikes me as tricky to compare two significantly different approaches to what will often suit rather different problems.. but here you go.

Antonello Zanini and Dan Ackerson

🛠  Code, Tools & Libraries

Waku: A Minimal Server-Side React Framework — From the maintainer of Jotai, Valtio, and Zustand, Waku is a more lightweight alternative to something like Next.js but which still opens up the potential of server components, shared components, and elegant routing, in a simpler, easier to apply way.

Daishi Kato

📰 Classifieds

Learn how you can use Cloudflare Workers, Hono, Drizzle ORM, and Neon to build a serverless API. Watch the video on YouTube.

📧 Forward Email is an email forwarding service able to boast being entirely open source. They use quantum-safe, individually encrypted SQLite mailboxes too.

Doodle 0.10.0: A Pure Kotlin UI Framework — Kotlin? That’s not JavaScript! No, it’s an increasingly popular language for the JVM, and Doodle is used to build GUI apps with it and it can now host React components and target the Web via JavaScript and WebAssembly. Could be worth a look if you’re in a company trying to bridge the JVM/Web/JS divide.