React Conf starts today

May 15, 2024 By Mark Otto 0

Best Practices for OAuth in Mobile Apps — Supercharge your React apps with OAuth! Learn how to build secure sign-on flows and accelerate your dev process. This guide covers best practices for handling protected tokens and platform-specific guidelines, ensuring robust identity management.


Why React Query? — Starting from first principles, and a reminder of what React itself is, this is a neat, highly accessible exposition of why React Query (a.k.a. TanStack Query) exists and what it does.


🛠  Code, Tools & Libraries

Ink 5.0: Build Interactive CLI Apps using React — A terminal-based React renderer so you can build command line apps using React-style components. While it’s a major release, there’s nothing new – the version number has been updated to reflect that Node 18+ is now a requirement.

Vadim Demedes