Create a back-end app with JavaScript

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What we see is just the surface of the Internet. From posting to streaming, everything happens on the back-end of the web. Get ready to learn the technologies behind the scenes of companies like Twitter and PayPal.

What will you learn?


JavaScript Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of JavaScript to start your journey towards back-end web development.


JavaScript Conditionals and Functions

Learn how to create more flexible programs using conditionals, control flow, functions, and scope.


JavaScript Arrays, Loops, and Iterators

Learn how to use Arrays, Loops, and built-in Array methods, and then apply your skills in the Beat Mix project.

4 reviews for Create a back-end app with JavaScript

  1. Trisha

    Nice online course. I love that!

  2. TodBlack

    I passed this great course and happy! I recommended

  3. ZloiAndrew

    I dont like that. SOrry

  4. Javascripter

    Create a back-end app with JavaScript is good course! I love it

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