Angular Material Admin with .NET Core 3 backend


Angular Material Admin with .NET Core 3 is ready-to-use frontend + backend Angular web application built using Typescript, .NET Core 3, based on Material design and integrated with MS SQL Server database. No jQuery and Bootstrap. You can use Angular Material Admin .NET Core 3 to build any web applications like SaaS, Project management tools, CMS, data visualizations apps, even complex enterpise level applications. It contains lots of features like different components and pages, CRUD communication between frontend and backend, product management and authentication system, four colors themes, modular architecture. All these features will help you to start develop modern .NET application.


  • Fully Responsive
  • Angular 9 new
  • Charts based on Apexcharts and Amcharts
  • Several Dashboards
  • Theme Support
  • E-Commerce Section
  • Static & Hover Sidebar
  • Fully Documented Codebase
  • No jQuery and Bootstrap
  • Angular Material
  • .NET Core 3 & MS SQL Server integrated
  • CRUD Application .NET Core 3
  • Router
  • Typescript
  • Authentication
  • Notifications bar
  • Tables

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