Postgres in TypeScript

February 29, 2024 By Mark Otto Off

PGlite: PostgreSQL in WebAssembly (and TypeScript) — People have brought Postgres into the browser before, albeit atop a Linux VM WASM layer. PGlite, however, packages a WASM build of Postgres into a TypeScript library that can be run in the browser or on Node.js or Bun and is only 3.7MB gzipped. You can play with a live deployment here.

ElectricSQL / Neon

JSR: What We Know So Far About Deno’s New JS Package Registry — The Deno team is cooking up JSR (still behind a waitlist), a new JavaScript package registry (not merely a package management tool, like pnpm or Yarn) to address various npm limitations, including for Node users who don’t even plan to use Deno.

Sarah Gooding (Socket)

Practice Your JavaScript through Vanilla JS Projects — Join Anjana Vakil for this extensive video course on vanilla JavaScript projects. Tackle real-world tasks and learn how to use asynchronous JS, Browser APIs, the DOM, Node.js, GitHub Actions, and more.

Frontend Masters

Parcel v2.12.0: Now with Bun-Style Macros — The popular zero-config build tool introduces support for bundle-time macros, such as those offered in Bun. The value returned by a macro is inlined into the bundle in place of the original call. There’s also a new online REPL where you can play with Parcel in the browser with support for most of Parcel’s features.



  • TypeScript 5.4 RC has been released, packing lots of small changes, as well as Object.groupBy, Map.groupBy, and type narrowing enhancements.

  • Christopher Chedeau (aka Vjeux) has written about his 12 years at Meta, including being involved in the early days of both React and React Native.

  • A summary of recent updates to the V8 JavaScript engine.

  • 🇪🇺 Fed up with Apple’s nonsense around removing PWA support in the European Union? Open Web Advocacy has an open letter you can co-sign.


  • Express.js 4.18.3 – The first release in sixteen months. 😁

  • Deno 1.41 – Now with much smaller deno compile binary sizes, official Linux ARM64 binaries, and improvements to Node.js compatibility.

  • Playwright 1.42 – Browser remote control and runner toolkit.

  • Babel 7.24.0 – Supports importing JSON modules and updates its Decorators implementation.

  • TinyMCE 7.0 – Rich text editor component – now GPL licensed.

📒 Articles & Tutorials

A Fun Line of JavaScript Code — Namely, using Promise.race to search through audio files forwards and backwards at the same time and stop as soon as the relevant metadata is found.

David Bushell

🛠 Code & Tools

Waku: A Minimal Server-Side React Framework — From the maintainer of Jotai, Valtio, and Zustand, Waku is a lighter alternative to something like Next.js but that still opens up the potential of server components, shared components, and elegant routing, in a simpler, easier to apply way.

Daishi Kato

Neon is Postgres from the Future — Scales to zero when idle, autoscales based on load, provisions instantly. Generous free tier – no credit card required.

Neon Serverless Postgres