E-Learning SaaS Platform Built Using Flatlogic Generator

March 1, 2024 By Mark Otto Off

We’re excited to announce the e-Learning Saas Platform built using our AI-based Flatlogic Generator! Now with Flatlogic, you can quickly develop high-quality business software!

Demo: https://elearningsaas.flatlogic.app/login/

e-Learning Saas Platform offers a more structured, engaging, and user-friendly learning environment, catering to both educators and learners with tailored functionalities and an improved interface. It is a great example of what can be achieved in days with Flatlogic. If you are building any e-learning solutions, consider resorting to Flatlogic platform and services to deliver in the fastest way possible, while preserving further capabilities for customization.

Our Flatlogic Generator provides a streamlined development process, enabling projects to go from concept to completion quickly. Users benefit from full code ownership and customization options without worrying about scalability or deployment issues.

The process was straightforward:

  1. Using our AI-based Flatlogic Generator, we generated applications by text request: e-learning SaaS platform. Designed to facilitate seamless learning experiences, our platform is tailored for educational institutions, corporate training, and independent educators. Features include Course Creation Suite: courses with multimedia content support. Includes quizzes, and assignments.Learning Management System (LMS): Tracks student progress, grades, and course completions. Provides analytics dashboard for instructors to monitor class performance.Content Library: Central repository for course materials. Supports text, images, and video.Gamification: Engage students with badges, leaderboards, and reward points. Customizable milestones to encourage course completion and retention.Reporting and Insights: Comprehensive reporting tools for tracking user engagement and academic insights with exportable data.Subscription Plans: Offer multiple-tiered subscription plans for users to access courses. Includes options for free trials, monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions with varying levels of access to course content. The SaaS e-learning platform offers a flexible, scalable, and user-friendly environment for digital learning and teaching.
  2. Added specific functionalities and access controls for teacher and student roles to enhance the learning management system’s usability and personalization.
  3. Enhanced the sidebar navigation by introducing nested dropdown menus for courses and lessons, dynamically populated based on the assignments of the current user.
  4. Implemented a line chart on the dashboard page to display the activity of students over the last week, with data grouped by each student’s subscription plan, providing insightful analytics on student engagement.
  5. Updated the styles of data grids across the platform for a more modern and cohesive look, enhancing readability and user experience.
  6. Added comprehensive lists of lessons, tasks, and important dates related to each course, alongside detailed course information, to provide a centralized overview of course content and requirements.
  7. Created a new API endpoint to save students’ progress on lessons and tasks, facilitating progress tracking and personalized learning experiences.
  8. Refined the visual presentation of the subscriptions list page, improving usability and aesthetic appeal for users exploring subscription options.
  9. Implemented Stripe checkout integration, enabling users to easily purchase or upgrade their subscription plans within the platform, streamlining the payment process for enhanced user convenience.

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We are happy to apply the same process to your SaaS Platform, CRM or any other business software so feel free to reach out. 

About Flatlogic

Flatlogic, a web development company, provides business software development services and sells web and mobile application templates online. Launched the Flatlogic Generator, a text-to-application AI tool that creates web apps with text and UI descriptions. It offers advantages over low-code/no-code approaches such as code ownership, customization options, no scalability issues, and universal deployability. Typically, businesses use Flatlogic Generator to develop ERP, CRM, CMS, admin panels, and other data systems. In addition to the generator, Flatlogic also offers customization and integration services. The company is particularly suited for building enterprise business applications and data management systems.