Node gets a redesign (and a documentary)

March 26, 2024 By Mark Otto 0

🐣 A quick note to say Node Weekly is taking next Tuesday off, in celebration of Easter. We’ll be back on Tuesday, April 9 🙂
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▶  Node.js: The Documentary (An Origin Story) — Late last year, Honeypot released a Ruby on Rails documentary – now they’re back tackling Node. It’s an hour long, but covers the early history of Node particularly well. If you weren’t deep into the Node world in 2009-2015, this is is a fantastic way to get up to speed and flows really well.


Meet the Future of Data Delivery with Hasura DDN — Join us April 16 for an API innovation unveiling. Get a first look at Hasura Data Delivery Network: a unified, composable API with guaranteed performance, reliability, and security. Enable smooth collaboration across teams, no operational overhead.



  • Darcy Clarke and Ruy Adorno (both previously of the npm client team) and Isaac Z. Schlueter (who created npm) have joined forces to create vit, a new attempt to improve the JavaScript package management and registry ecosystem.

  • Seokho Song, a V8 contributor, explained how he optimized Math.hypot – just a single method, but a cute example of why Node keeps getting faster.

  • Raymond Camden shines a spotlight on three cool Node.js features he finds useful (and you might too).

Building a Micro HTMX SSR Framework — Matteo builds on an earlier tutorial about creating a ‘movie quotes’ app by exploring an alternative stack to use, based upon Fastify, Vite and HTMX.

Matteo Collina

Optimizing JavaScript for Fun and for Profit — A tour of several things to avoid to keep your code fast, complete with examples. While the performance ground upon which we walk is always shifting, these are mostly common sense ideas.

Rom Grk

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