Node experiments with adding SQLite

July 9, 2024 By Mark Otto 0

Node.js Weekly

Memetria: Redis Hosting for Serious Developers — Memetria provides secure, scalable hosting with features that enhance your development experience, including large key tracking and detailed performance metrics. Keep your production apps fast with better and uptime.


Moving from Express to Fastify (Part 1) — Express has outlasted a lot of change in the Node.js world and still forms the basis of most Web-facing Node apps. Nonetheless, there are other compelling options, and the Val Town platform shares its story of making the move to Fastify.

Tom MacWright (Val Town)

pnpm 9.5 Introduces Catalogspnpm is a popular efficiency-focused npm alternative. A new Catalogs feature enables shareable dependency version specifiers, reducing merge conflicts and improving support for monorepos.

Sarah Gooding (Socket)

📄 What’s Coming Next for ESLint – The new configuration system is “just the beginning of significant changes” coming to ESLint. Nicholas C. Zakas

📄 Vercel Enabling Streaming for All Node.js Vercel Functions Vercel

📺 How I Used GitHub Projects to Move House – Not Node specific but a neat way to become familiar with GitHub Projects. Michelle ‘MishManners’ Duke

📄 How to Parse HTML Programatically in JavaScript Brian Wachira

🛠 Code & Tools

Pongo: Write Mongo but Use Postgres — An interesting idea. Rather than being a database server that ‘speaks’ the MongoDB protocol and uses Postgres on the backend (like FerretDB), Pongo’s a PostgreSQL client library that presents a Mongo-like interface to Node developers, so you get to use Postgres but act as if you’re using MongoDB.


💡 The author has also written a blog post going into more detail.

pgvector-node: Improved pgvector Support for Node.jspgvector is rapidly becoming the de facto way to work with vectors in vector similarity search systems in Postgres. This library improves support in node-postgres, Knex.js, pg-promise, Prisma, TypeORM, MikroORM, Drizzle ORM, and others.

Andrew Kane