Node 22.1, now with even more performance

May 7, 2024 By Mark Otto 0

Node.js Weekly

Five Node Version Managers Compared — In an ideal world, the latest version of Node would slot well into every project, but in reality we often need to switch versions, and a variety of tools are available to make it simple. NVM is perhaps the best known, but maybe N, FNM, Volta, or even pnpm could suit you better?

Pavel Romanov

▶  Exploring What’s New in Node 22 — With Matteo Collina of the Node TSC, no less! It’s a movie-length effort, but he walks through everything significant about Node 22 (and 22.1) including improvements introduced by V8, the --run feature, the new compile cache in 22.1, and performance improvements across the board.

Matteo Collina

🛠 Code & Tools

DerbyJS 4.0: The Mature MVC Web Framework — It’s never been the most popular of the frameworks, but Derby has lived through most of Node’s history and remains a viable option for building realtime, collaborative apps in particular. GitHub repo.

Nate Smith et al.