MS’s new tool for digging deep into V8

May 16, 2023 By Mark Otto 0

Node.js Weekly

‘This Page is Hosted on My Android Phone’ — Since it’s been linked on some pretty big sites already, I don’t feel too guilty about linking it here too ???? This is a link to a blog being hosted from a $180 Android phone that’s running Node.js and it explains how you can repeat the feat for yourself. (If it is down, the same page is hosted here on a more typical server.)


Deopt Explorer: A VS Code Extension to Inspect V8 Trace Log Info — A thorough introduction to a new tool from Microsoft for performing advanced analysis of data coming from the V8 engine’s internals, including CPU profile data, how inline caches operate, deoptimizations, how functions were run (interpreted or compiled) and more. There’s a lot going on here. If you want to jump straight to the extension, it’s here.

Ron Buckton (Microsoft)

Your Jest Tests Might Be Wrong — Is your Jest test suite failing you? You might not be using the testing framework’s full potential, especially when it comes to preventing state leakage between tests.

Jamie Magee

Regular Expressions in JavaScript — Powerful but often misunderstood, many will benefit from this roundup of the potential regexes offer to JavaScript developers.

Adebayo Adams

How to Handle Emojis in Node — A quick look under the covers for anyone who doesn’t understand why ‘????’.length equals 2 or how characters like emoji are internally represented.

Manuel Spigolon

???? Code & Tools

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