It’s the final React Status of 2022

December 21, 2022 By Mark Otto 0

This is the final issue of the year (we’re back on January 4, 2023) so we’re revisiting the most popular items of 2022. We’ve covered the main top items but with some breakdowns of other content too (e.g. videos). We hope you have a fantastic holiday season.
Peter Cooper, your editor

2: Can We All Just Admit React Hooks Were a Bad Idea? — The second most popular item was a ‘quick link’ but the topic was controversial enough to get a lot of people talking! Amy makes the (well presented!) argument that ‘React hooks were a bad idea.’ Like it or loathe it, you’ll certainly walk away with opinions of your own.

Amy Blankenship

The State Of Notifications Report – User Preferences — What is preventing us from designing a notification system that facilitates a better experience? Nobody wants to receive marketing notifications, but they are upset if they miss important notifications. We can do better.

3: React Libraries for 2022 — The React ecosystem has become so big that the problem is more one of being spoilt for choice than not having what you need. If you’re selecting libraries for a new project, this list (which Robin has updated over the years) remains useful. Hopefully we’ll see a 2023 version!

Robin Wieruch

5: Look for These React Trends in 2022 — At the start of the year, the author took a look at what he felt would be important in 2022. He did a pretty good job with Remix, server-side rendering, concurrent rendering, and behaviour testing all being much discussed topics through the year. Do a 2023 version, Chak!

Chak Shun Yu

✍️ We like posts that speculate about the future, look to growing trends, etc. so if you write anything like that about React, let us know.

🛠 Top Code and Tools

📺 Top Videos

▶  10 React Anti-Patterns to Avoid — A well presented 8-minute video that quickly goes through a variety of approaches to reconsider (or at least think twice about.)


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