Is React the new WordPress?

April 12, 2023 By Mark Otto 0

Next.js 13.3 Released — Increasingly seen as ‘the’ React framework, Next.js is always worth keeping an eye on. v13.3 introduces a file-based metadata API for dynamically generating assets like sitemaps and robots.txt, dynamic Open Graph image generation, improved routing options, and App Router gains support for fully static exports.

Tim Neutkens and Delba de Oliveira

???? Another neat tweak is that changes to next.config.js will now automatically restart your local dev server.

The Popularity of Frameworks on Netlify — An analysis of framework/SSG usage of sites deployed to the popular Netlify hosting platform that breaks down by free, paid, and enterprise accounts. Unsurprisingly, React dominates, but there are some interesting differences between account types with the percentage using create-react-app dropping dramatically in favor of Next and Gatsby at paid and enterprise levels.

Laurie Voss (Netlify)

???? Code and Tools


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