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January 20, 2022 By Mark Otto 0

Remix vs Next.js — While this is a comparison written by the Remix team, it seems open about its methodology and tries to be fair in its comparison. The comparison (and sometimes implicit criticism) of Jamstack has been a Remix talking point – not entirely unfairly either.

Ryan Florence

In brief:

  • Last week we featured a story about how the maintainer of Faker.js library had broken the package – well, the Faker project has had a fresh start with a new team and a raft of announcements.

  • 📅 ‘Next 10’ is the name of a group and concept within the Node project of discussing the future of Node and they have a mini summit on January 27 — they want to encourage anyone interested in either HTTP or documentation to attend.

  • A reminder from Simon Plenderleith that as of Node 17 to deep clone a value you can use WHATWG’s structuredClone() method.

Remote Backend Software Engineer — Come and help us build the future of work. We’re a friendly team working on hard problems. Node, Hapi, Postgres, Elastic, Redis.

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Mocking With Undici Like a ProUndici is a strongly recommended HTTP/1.1 client that improves upon what the standard library offers, but its approach means common mocking approaches need to be revisited when working with it.

Yavor Georgiev

🛠 Code & Tools

Rockpack 2.0: An Alternative React App Builder — Like Create React App the goal is to get project setup time as low as possible, but Rockpack holds some different opinions around how far to take things and packs in a lot of ideas including, now, server side rendering.

Alex Sergey