Deno wants us to ditch CommonJS

July 4, 2023 By Mark Otto 0

Node.js Weekly

RegExp’s v Flag with Set Notation and Properties of Strings — The capability of regexes in Node has been turned up a few notches, especially in the support for, and manipulation of, Unicode character sets (for example, you can now do things like ‘match all Greek symbols except π’). The post is from 2022 but we’ve been sitting on it as it’s taken till now for it to be supported.

Davis, Scherer. and Bynens

Enterprise UI Development: Testing & Code Quality — Managing or migrating large apps and codebases? This video course covers what you need to know to scale efficiently whilst maintaining code quality. Covers unit testing, CI pipelines, mocking, code coverage, and more.

Frontend Masters

CommonJS is Hurting JavaScript — An interesting take on Node’s default module system, covering its history, its shortcomings, and the trickiness of managing both CommonJS and ES modules at once. Unsurprisingly, Andy wants us aboard the ESM train ASAP and to leave CommonJS at the station.

Andy Jiang (Deno)

The Register covered the story too, if you prefer their punchy writeups.

🛠 Code & Tools

rrule.js: Work with Recurrence Rules for Calendar Dates — iCalendar is a data format for representing calendars and schedules, and RRULE is its way to define recurring events. rrule.js allows you to work with such rules, and has an amazing ‘playground’ style homepage to show it off.

Jakub Roztocil

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🎁 A Bonus Item

NocoDB: An Open Source Airtable-a-Like — Airtable is a popular (though commercial) spreadsheet/database-hybrid service, but this is a good looking and mature open source pastiche (‘clone’ just doesn’t sound appropriate with something so well made).

nocodb team