Dan Abramov to depart Meta

July 26, 2023 By Mark Otto 0

React Tweet: Vercel’s New Way to Embed Tweets in a React App — Are they even called “tweets” anymore? Nonetheless, Vercel has come up with an elegant way to embed posts from the site formerly known as Twitter that is faster and smaller than the official embed and supports RSCs and ‘any React framework.’ Now we just have to pray that Elon doesn’t turn off the taps.


𝕏  Dan Abamov is Leaving Meta — Staying on Twitter/X, Dan Abramov shared the news that he is leaving Meta and worked through the logic of why now is the right time to move on. If you can’t access Twitter (or don’t want to), the TLDR is that React won’t be negatively impacted as he doesn’t write a lot of React code nowadays, he has finished the key things he wanted to do, and a broader team of community leaders is coming together nicely. Dan is also staying on the React team as an independent third party.

Dan Abramov on Twitter

💼 If you’d like to take the opposite move to Dan, it appears Meta’s London office is looking to hire an engineering manager to focus on the React developer experience..

Upgrading an Ancient React App — Ancient, in this case, is a seven year old app. This post tells the story of what it took to bring an early React app into the modern ecosystem.

Jeffrey Carl Faden


  • 👾 The React Jam gamejam is currently taking place and concludes on July 30 if you want to get your React-powered game development thang on.

  • Million.js provides a ‘replacement VDOM’ that can speed up React apps significantly under the right conditions. Its creator, Aiden Bai, joined Ryan Carniato ▶️ in this somewhat epic video to talk about how Million works. (You’ll want to use the timestamps in this video’s description as it’s a long one.)

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