Celebrating Svelte

July 1, 2022 By Mark Otto Off

🤯 Things looked quiet at first, but this has turned out to be a pretty strong week in terms of releases and things – we’ve even had to push a new Vue release and a new Deno webapp framework to the bottom of the issue! Long may it last, though, because soon August and quieter weeks will be here.. 🙂
Peter Cooper, your editor

▶  Svelte Origins: A JavaScript Documentary — A well produced 32-minute documentary catching up with Svelte’s creator Rich Harris, as well as some of its users and fans, really digging into where it came from, what makes it tick, and how it has built up a healthy community of its own. Heartwarming and educational!

OfferZen Origins

PRETTIER TO PICK TABS OVER SPACES? Continuing the Rich Harris party, over on Twitter he notes that 🐦 Prettier 3.0 is considering making tabs the default (versus spaces). Why? Accessibility, partly, although unsurprisingly there are arguments for spaces too.. 🫢

Highlights from OpenJS World 2022OpenJS World took place in early June and this post covers some of the talking points, top talks, and what made the event special. There’s a YouTube playlist of over 50 talks from the event too.

Marian Villa (NodeSource)

📊 Along similar lines is a 70-page ‘Vue Report’ on the state of the Vue.js community and project based on discussions at the recent Vue Amsterdam conference. A great way to catch up and no registration or emails needed.


Prisma 4.0 – Powerful TypeScript ORM.
Billboard.js 3.5 – Charting library on top of D3.js.
deck.gl 8.8 – WebGL2 powered visualization framework.
Fastify 4.2 – Node.js webapp framework.
v8n 1.5 – Fluent validation library.
vue-instantsearch 4.4 – Search UIs on Algolia + Vue.
Puppeteer 15.2 – The headless Chrome control library.
ng2-charts 3.1 – Chart.js for Angular.
Next.js 12.2

📒 Articles & Tutorials

Retry XMLHttpRequest Carefully — When requests your page is making behind the scenes fail, what’s your strategy for a retry or recovery? It’s worth taking a look, says Aaron.

Aaron D. Parks

Working with the File System from Node.js — A deep dive on all things related to working with text files in Node, from simple reading and writing operations to streams, buffers, and directory manipulation.

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

🛠 Code & Tools

Vue 2.7 ‘Naruto’ Released — While Vue 3 is the new default, so many projects continue to rely on Vue 2 and so 2.7 has been released as an LTS release to help bridge the gap with a few backported features (including the Composition API), improved Vite support (via a new plugin), and more. Nonetheless, Vue 2 is expected to reach ‘end of life’ by ‘the end of 2023.’

Evan You

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