Bad boolean advice

June 28, 2023 By Mark Otto 0

An Update on Next.js’s App Router — The ‘app router’ in Next.js 13+ offers a new approach for structuring Next apps and is recommended for all new ones going forward (it became stable in Next.js 13.4 last month). This post provides a welcome update on how the project sees the feature evolving and how the team is continuing to integrate and collaborate with React generally.

Delba de Oliveira and Lee Robinson (Vercel)

📅  React Jam: A Gamejam for React Developers — React probably isn’t the first option you think of for building a game, but this online event hopes to change that, or at least expand your horizons. Game jams are popular events for developing small games to a deadline, and they’ve got some prizes and judges lined up. It starts on July 20.

React Jam Team

Auth, Built for Devs by Devs — The best frontend language deserves the best auth service. Add MFA, SSO, biometrics and advanced threat detection with just a few clicks. Put FusionAuth to work for you.


▶  Don’t Follow This Bad React Advice — Jack tackles three commonly seen pieces of React advice that you should think about before following blindly: avoiding the spread operator, not to use useMemo, and only using the updating variant of a useState state setter. Most boolean advice is junk advice, says Jack.

Jack Herrington

🛠 Code and Tools

Typist: Tiptap-Based Rich Text Editor Component — An unashamedly opinionated yet simple text editor control. You can try the examples in the sidebar. It’s suited for basic rich text situations like writing comments or messages and also has a single-line mode.


💌  MJML: The Responsive Email Framework — HTML emails are a nightmare to code (believe us!) but MJML provides a component-based framework to make it less daunting if you don’t read CanIEmail on a regular basis. To bring React into the picture, you then need Faire’s mjml-react so you can create HTML emails with React components.


💡 Josh W Comeau wrote a neat tutorial about using MJML with React last year.

Blitz.js: It ‘Picks Up Where Next.js Leaves Off’ — I wasn’t expecting its 2.0 beta phase to last over a year, but this Next.js-oriented toolbox of libraries and conventions is nonetheless ready for action and offers up scaffolding, a type-safe API layer, middleware, auth, and more.

Brandon Bayer

Find React Jobs with Hired — Hired makes job hunting easy-instead of chasing recruiters, companies approach you with salary details up front. Create a free profile now.