AWS Lambda gets a Node 20 LTS runtime

November 21, 2023 By Mark Otto 0

Node.js Weekly

🥳 Talking of which, TypeScript 5.3 has been released. It supports the latest updates to the import attributes proposal, has enhanced type narrowing in numerous contexts, provides interactive inlay hints for types in the editor, and more.

Node.js 20.x (LTS) Runtime Now Available in AWS Lambda — If you’re using AWS Lambda, you can now make the Node 18 to 20 transition with confidence. This post covers the essential configuration changes, but also tackles a couple of changes to the runtime to be aware of.

Pascal Vogel (AWS)

Alongside this update, Middy, a popular Node.js middleware engine for AWS Lambda, has been updated to v5 too – beware that it’s billed the “ESM Only Update” and has no support for CommonJS modules anymore.

Exploring V8’s Strings: Implementation and OptimizationsNote: This is very technical and most Node developers do not need to go this deep. That aside, this is a fantastic look under the covers of how the V8 engine handles strings, including the optimizations used that allow it to go toe to toe with languages like C++.

Ilia Pozdnyakov

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