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February 6, 2024 By Mark Otto 0

Node.js Weekly

Learn Advanced JavaScript Performance Optimization — Garbage collection, memory profiling, data structures like sets and arrays, and event loop management. Learn performance-driven programming, preparing you to write blazingly fast and efficient code!

Frontend Masters

Malicious npm Package Targeting Roblox Users for Data Theft — It feels like we need an ‘evil package of the week’ feature lately. This latest one targeted users of a package for interacting with the Roblox (a popular virtual universe game) API. The post digs into detail on what the rogue package was doing behind the scenes.

Sarah Gooding (Socket)

👾 Separate from the malicious package discussed above, the legitimate Noblox.js package is worth a look if you want to interact with Roblox from Node at all.

Command Line Interface Guidelines — A fantastically presented ‘open source guide’ to writing better command line programs in the time-tested UNIX-y way. There’s much to enjoy here, including a few Node-specific recommendations.

Prasad, Firshman, Tashian, and Parish

💡 On the topic of CLIs, version 12.0 of popular full-featured CLI framework Commander.js has just been released.

How to Stream Files from Next.js Route Handlers“Despite being Next.js specific, it goes over the philosophical difference between Node.js specific API routes, and runtime-agnostic route handlers, which I think could be interesting to a broader audience of backend JS developers.”

Eric Burel

🛠 Code & Tools

🐱 Meow 13.2: A Straightforward CLI App Helper — You define flags, help text, and other features in a single object and it handles all the processing for you. Short, simple, sweet, and no dependencies.

Sindre Sorhus