All the ways to use Postgres from Node

May 30, 2023 By Mark Otto 0

Node.js Weekly

▶  ‘I Tried 8 Different Postgres ORMs’ — A modern, fast-paced, and slightly irreverent meme-heavy look at the various ways in which you can interact with Postgres (provided serverless by Neon, in this case) from a backend JavaScript app. It’s pretty neat as whirlwind tours go. (9 minutes.)

Beyond Fireship

???? And if you’re a Postgres user, we have a newsletter for that!

Temporal 101 Course in TypeScript — Learn Temporal’s open source key concepts and best practices with our free self-paced training course in TypeScript.

Temporal Technologies

Deploying Vanilla Node.js Apps on — Actually titled “Vanilla with Candy Sprinkles”, this post covers the basics of using Fly’s next-gen hosting platform to quickly deploy Node apps (we have no affiliation with Fly but use it for some internal apps – it’s pretty good).

Sam Ruby (Fly)

???? Code & Tools

Bebop 2.7: Fast, Typesafe Binary Serialization — Schema-based, typesafe, binary serialization and code generation that supports numerous languages, including TypeScript. Has a built in REPL for playing with the code generation which has had some big improvements in this release. (Its homepage has a neat bit of ASCII art.)

Betwixt Labs

axios-token-manager: Manage the Caching of Axios Tokens — For managing the caching of auth tokens for specified validity periods as well as refreshing or recovering them transparently (such as when the backend has revoked a token before its period has expired.)

Mickey Puri

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