A new browser-based React IDE idea

June 23, 2021 By Mark Otto 0

Demystifying styled-components — If anything ever seems ‘magical’, it might be time to dig in and figure out how things work. Josh ‘pops the hood’ on the popular Styled Components component styling system and demonstrates how you’d build a simple similar such thing of your own. A great way to learn.

Josh W Comeau

Utopia: A New Browser-Based React IDE — Although only in alpha release, Utopia makes a positive first impression. The founding principle of the new browser-based IDE is that design and coding processes should be fully integrated from the outset with easy, two way navigation between the two. Take a test drive with the ‘Play with Utopia’ button on their landing page. There was a lot of discussion about this tool on Hacker News, too.


[Ultimate Guide] Going from Zero to 100 Deploys a Day — How did elite software teams deploying many times a day get to where they are? In this practical guide, learn how to replicate their Continuous Delivery journey in 3 phases: one deploy a week, one deploy a day, and 100 deploys a day.


React 18: A Summary in 12 Tweets — If you didn’t have the time (or inclination) to read the detail we provided on React 18 in the last issue, here’s much the same content boiled down to 12 tweets by a former core React team member. While not suitable for every topic, this concise, Twitter-based presentation style has its merits.

Flarnie Marchán

Arguing That ‘React Ruined Web Development’ — As you might expect, the title is really just a conversation starter, which is what the author intended at the recent .debug conference in Zagreb. All in good spirits and it seemed to work!

Ivan Lučin

Find React Jobs with Hired — Take 5 minutes to build your free profile & start getting interviews for your next job. Companies on Hired are actively hiring right now.

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Global State Using XState & React — In yet another approach to state management, this tutorial walks through the use of the XState finite state machine library to make states available throughout your application without labor-intensive and cumbersome prop drilling.

Brad Woods

React: Five Things That Might Surprise You — Once you get a little experience with React, you may begin to stumble on (or over?) some of its idiosyncracies. This article will give you a headstart on your discovery of them.

Sveta Slepner

A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Next.js — We try not to forget that with each issue of React Status there are always readers who are encountering the subjects we cover for the first time. Brand new to Next.js, for example, and don’t know quite where to start? This article assumes no prior knowledge (beyond React itself) and will get you to square one.

Ali Spittel beginner

Sharing React Components Across Multiple Applications — If you think cutting-and-pasting component code to ‘share’ it between applications is woefully lacking (which it is), this article evaluates alternatives and then suggests Bit as an appropriate solution.

Debbie O’Brien

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use-file-picker — A hook to invoke the browser’s file selector.