A big update for ECharts

February 22, 2024 By Mark Otto Off

📊 Apache ECharts 5.5: The Powerful Visualization LibraryECharts’ big selling point, beyond being a well supported Apache-backed project, is its balance of power and simplicity. You can do a lot with it (check out the many examples here) without the code becoming complex. v5.5 enhances its ESM support, adds server-side rendering support, and lets you make incomplete pie charts.

Apache Software Foundation

💌 If you need to be convinced further, check out Alice GG’s Love Letter to Apache ECharts.

Redwood v7.0: The React + GraphQL App FrameworkRedwood is a full-stack Web framework that takes an opinionated approach, bringing together React, GraphQL, Prisma, and TypeScript, with a focus on building complete apps rapidly. v7 includes a new observability tool called Redwood Studio, realtime GraphQL features, and more.

RedwoodJS Community

Node.js’s 2023 Summarized — Rafael, of the Node.js TSC and Fastify core team, shares a useful update on the evolution of Node.js over the past year, how the team ensures Node is well tested and reliable, changes to Node’s vendor dependencies (of which it gained three in 2023), as well as enhancements to Node’s security and Web presence.

Rafael Gonzaga



📒 Articles & Tutorials

A Guide to Using localStorage in Modern AppslocalStorage has been supported in most browsers for fifteen years plus now, so it’s a reliable way to store data client-side, though there are still situations where you wouldn’t want to use it. A good primer, but with a focus on alternative options.

RxDB Project

▶  Pac-Man in JavaScript in 1 Hour — I felt old when Ania said “if you’ve never played Pac-Man before..” 😅 – nonetheless, she’s back with another of her fantastic, thorough walkthroughs.

Ania Kubów

HTMX vs React: A Complete Comparison — It strikes me as tricky to compare two very different approaches to what will often be distinct use cases, but undoubtedly people will want to weigh them up against each other, so here you go.

Antonello Zanini and Dan Ackerson

🛠 Code & Tools

Dax: Cross-Platform Shell Tools for Node — Similar to Google’s zx but uses a cross-platform shell with common built-in commands so more code will work across platforms. Dax was originally written for Deno but now supports Node too.

David Sherret