What you need to know about React 18

June 18, 2021 By Mark Otto Off

Benchmarking JavaScript Memory Usage — Historically, memory usage hasn’t been a heavily tracked thing in the JavaScript world, whether for a lack of tooling or motivation. This is changing, and new tools and APIs are turning up all the time. Here, Tim has done some analysis of what the top 10k Web sites are using in terms of memory and, perhaps controversially, how the choice of framework can affect things.

Tim Kadlec (WebPageTest)

Take Control of Your Core Web Vitals with Raygun — Don’t be a bystander when Core Web Vitals are released as a ranking factor by Google. In this in-depth walkthrough, our expert team follows a proven process to monitor and improve Core Web Vitals with Raygun, and give you the power to do the same.


Next.js 11 Released — The popular React framework takes some more steps forward with improved performance, Webpack 5 support, an experimental way to make Create React App apps Next.js compatible, and Next.js Live, a preview of a way to build Next.js apps in the browser, collaboratively, with your team.

Next.js Team

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Quick Bits


NeutralinoJS 2.3.0 — Cross-platform desktop app dev framework.
SVG.js 3.1 — Easier manipulation of SVG from JS.
ws 7.5.0 — WebSocket client and server for Node.js.
Intro.js 4.1 — Easy user onboarding approach.
Tailwind CSS 2.2 — Popular CSS framework.

Deno 1.11 Released — A variety of enhancements in the latest release of the alternative server-side V8-powered JavaScript runtime:

  • The Deno project now supplies official Docker images.
  • You can now abort fetch requests in a Web-compatible way.
  • deno lint is now considered stable.
  • BroadcastChannel brings support for broadcasting messages amongst Web Workers.

Deno Core Team

JavaScript Developer @ Kinsta — Join our ownership-embracing team of JS developers in a relaxed environment where culture is as important as technical excellence.

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Embedding Vue.js Apps in Go(lang) — With Go 1.16’s embed, you can now include frontend assets directly in a Go binary, making a full-stack server deployment as simple as running a single executable file.

Trevor Taubitz

🛠 Code & Tools

Undici 4.0: An HTTP Client, Written from Scratch for Node — The goal of this project has been to replace Node’s core HTTP library with something faster, more scalable, and without the ‘fundamental design issues’ of the core API. v4 introduces redirect support, a faster WASM-powered parser, and a native mocking layer. GitHub repo.

Nagy, Collina, et al.

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