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Unit Testing AWS Lambda with Python and Mock AWS Services

March 23, 2023 By Mark Otto Off

When building serverless event-driven applications using AWS Lambda, it is best practice to validate individual components.  Unit testing can quickly identify and isolate issues in AWS Lambda function code.  The techniques outlined in this blog demonstrates unit test techniques for Python-based AWS Lambda functions and…

Develop a serverless application in Python using Amazon CodeWhisperer

January 23, 2023 By Mark Otto Off

While writing code to develop applications, developers must keep up with multiple programming languages, frameworks, software libraries, and popular cloud services from providers such as AWS. Even though developers can find code snippets on developer communities, to either learn from them or repurpose the code,…

Automate Python Flask Deployment to the AWS Cloud

October 20, 2022 By Mark Otto 0

In our previous post, we demonstrated how to use open source tools to deploy an application to the AWS cloud. In this post, we expand on those concepts by introducing additional AWS services that demonstrate how to manage and deploy an application in the AWS…