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‘It’s a miracle anything about this ecosystem works at all.’

May 4, 2023 By Mark Otto Off

Psst.. if you’re wondering about the context of today’s subject line, see the first ⚡️ In Brief. Angular v16 Released — With the “biggest release since the initial rollout of Angular”, v16 of the extensive framework introduces a preview of a new signals-based reactivity model (a.k.a. Angular…

Don’t void the React warranty

April 26, 2023 By Mark Otto 0

▶  Nine Hours on React Router 6 — A pretty epic video from Scrimba’s Bob Ziroll that you’ll need a lot of coffee to get through, but you get to see the development of a complete app based around React Router, and it’s free. Bob Ziroll New…

Securing PyPI for the Future

April 23, 2023 By Mark Otto 0

We are excited to announce that Amazon Web Services is now the Python Package Index (PyPI) Security Sponsor at the Python Software Foundation, the non-profit devoted to advancing open source technology related to the Python programming language. Through this sponsorship, AWS is providing funding to…