Remix + React Router == React Router?

May 16, 2024 By Mark Otto Off

πŸ“„  How to Document Your JavaScript Package β€” You’ve written some useful code, you want to distribute it.. what next? Useful docs! The Deno team demonstrates the value of JSDoc and writing documentation alongside your usual source code.

The Deno Team

WorkOS: Enterprise-Grade Auth You Can Implement in Minutes β€” Like an enterprise plan in a box: WorkOS provides flexible, easy-to-use APIs to integrate SSO, SCIM, Audit Logs, User Management, and more. Used by some of the hottest startups including Perplexity, Vercel, & Webflow. Future-proof your auth stack with WorkOS.


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Make the Scary Things Boring πŸ˜… β€” Been told to do more with less? Talk to Test Double about how to deliver with fewer people without losing quality.

Test Double

GraphQL Yoga: A Full-Featured GraphQL Server β€” Create a schema, spin up a server, and you’re good to go (then you get to wire everything up). Supports GraphQL subscriptions via SSE. Designed to run across environments from Node to AWS Lambda, Deno, Bun, etc. GitHub repo.

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πŸ’‘ Carbon remains a great option for this task, too.