Package managers, the new todo app?

March 21, 2024 By Mark Otto Off

Runtime Compatibility Across JavaScript Runtimes — Several developers have come together to build this convenient way to visualize the compatibility of different Web APIs and JavaScript features across the ever increasing number of different runtimes (e.g. Bun, Deno, Node, LLRT..)

Tom Lienard et al.

✅ The item above reminds me of, a visualization of JS feature support across versions of Node / V8, though it is nearly entirely green/Yes these days!

Register for POST/CON 24! (April 30 – May 1, 2024) — Postman’s annual user conference will be one of 2024’s biggest developer events and a chance to network while growing your API skills! Connect with the global API community, hear from industry leaders, and take part in hands-on workshops.




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📉 Optimizing JavaScript for Fun and for Profit — A tour of several things to avoid to keep your code running fast and smooth, complete with examples. While the performance ground upon which we walk is often shifting, many of these things are good, common sense practices.

Rom Grk

How Figma Built a Custom Permissions DSL — Figma has a complex permissions setup, the implementation of which was causing tech debt, bugs, and delays. After not finding any open source answers, they built a DSL that isolated policies and data while also being cross-platform (Ruby and TypeScript.)

Jorge Silva (Figma)

Building a Node App with TypeScript — How to set up a seamless TypeScript development experience for bundling modern Node apps with pnpm and ES modules, by someone who certainly knows a few things about TypeScript.

Matt Pocock

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