February 8, 2024 By Mark Otto Off

jQuery 4.0.0 Beta — I recently looked at issue #1 of JavaScript Weekly and the top two items were jQuery, so it’s nice to feature it 🙂 You might not be using jQuery, but it’s still everywhere, including WordPress. v4 says goodbye to IE 10 support, removes lots of deprecated APIs, and steps into the modern world just a tad (it even migrated to ESM).

jQuery Foundation

🎉 jQuery isn’t the only blast from the past to get an update this week – Backbone.js 1.6 is out too! Let’s party like it’s 2014? (Also, 🐦 Vue.js has just turned ten years old!)

POST/CON 2024 Is Coming! April 30th-May 1st — Postman’s biggest API conference ever is coming, and early registration is now open! Hear from industry leaders and level up your skills in hands-on workshops with Postman experts. Register by February 13, 2024, to get a 50% discount on your ticket.


▶  How to Make A Great Framework Better? – Svelte 5 with Rich Harris — A sit-down interview with Rich Harris, creator of Svelte and SvelteKit. Dives into the philosophy, features, and future of Svelte, and covers how it aims to simplify web dev and make apps faster through its build time compilation approach. (78 minutes)


🤔 If you haven’t got time for the interview (above), enjoy Tenets, Rich’s attempt to articulate Svelte’s philosophy.



📒 Articles & Tutorials

Static Roots: Objects with Compile-Time Constant Addresses — The V8 blog never disappoints when it comes to deep, technical posts! Olivier Flückiger of the V8 team explains how fundamental, base objects like undefined and true are made more efficient and live in their own read-only heap. A brief look at the sort of thing that makes V8 fast!

Olivier Flückiger (V8)

▶  A Deep Dive into htmx — Covers the fundamentals, digging into htmx’s codebase – plus it’s an unlisted video so you can feel like you’re in a secret club.

Carson Gross

🛠 Code & Tools

🥽  React Native for Apple Vision Pro“Unlike compatibility mode, this approach allows immersive experiences and XR features on visionOS.” Now you just need to find $3500+ to buy the Vision Pro.. 😉

Oskar Kwaśniewski (Callstack)

React Native TypeScript Boilerplate — Unsurprisingly, this is an all-in-one starter/boilerplate React Native app that uses TypeScript. It also includes a theming system, icons, Husky integration, and more, to help you get started fast.


Storybook 8 Beta — The latest update to the popular UI component workshop has improvements a-plenty including faster startup times, React Server Components support, as well as support for Vite 5 and Lit 3.

Michael Shilman (Storybook)