Etsy moved from React to Preact

January 28, 2022 By Mark Otto Off

Take the State of JavaScript 2022 Survey — Now several years in, the popular State of JavaScript survey returns for a joint 2021/22 run and, as ever, seeks to establish what libraries and frameworks developers are excited about. It’s not a perfect approach, but the results are interesting to compare year to year, and we’ll share the results once they’re out.

Sacha Greif



Nightwatch 2.0 – End-to-end testing framework.
Gluegun 5.0 – Toolkit for building Node.js CLI apps.
Node-RED 2.2.0 – Low-code event driven app dev environment.
parse-domain 7.0 – Split hostnames into parts.
NeutralinoJS 4.2.0 – X-platform JS desktop app framework.
Mocha 9.2 – JS testing framework.
Serverless Framework v3
React Native 0.67
npm 8.4.0

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📒 Articles & Tutorials

React Server Components: A Primer — The co-founder of the Plasmic visual page builder app takes us on an exploration of React server components (currently an experimental feature in the forthcoming React 18) and how they tick under the hood.

Chung Wu (Plasmic)

A Complete Beginner’s Guide to npm — Even if npm is second nature to you, this guide may prove useful, if only to send to other folks on your team. It’s a nine-part guide from CSS-Tricks covering everything from the ground up.

Josh Collinsworth

The Baseline for Web Development in 2022? — Analysis of numerous stats around frontend technologies, browser share, client devices, and more to establish a feel for what the lowest common denominators are in terms of what we must continue to support.

Alan Dávalos

What’s New with the DevTools? — A decent break down of recent changes and additions to developer tooling in Chrome, Edge, Safari and Firefox.

Patrick Brosset

🛠 Code & Tools

Trilium Notes: A Knowledge Base App Built with Node — A hierarchical note taking app. Built as an Express app but is most commonly used on the desktop via an Electron packaged version. It’s been around a few years but continues to see frequent updates and is a neat example of this sort of app.