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June 25, 2021 By Mark Otto Off

▶  Coding Up a Mario Game in JavaScript with Kaboom.js — Ania is back showing us how to create a basic platformer in the course of an hour in her typically breezy, easy to follow manner. Watch this if you want to reignite that coding spark.

Ania Kubów

Better Onboarding: How to Prevent Codebase Overwhelm — Code complexity is increasing, and for new developers joining a team or project, the steep learning curve can be intimidating, confusing, even demoralizing. Learn more about best practices for onboarding and how to get up to speed fast.


Quick Bits

  • Vercel, formerly ZEIT, is a popular deployment platform in the JavaScript world and they maintain Next.js. They’ve just raised $102M which will partly go to pushing Next.js forward.
  • In a space running somewhat parallel to ours, you may find the State of WebAssembly 2021 insights useful.


Billboard.js 3.1 — Magnificent D3-based charting library.
Storybook 6.3 — UI component development environment.
Commander.js 8.0 — Node.js CLI tools made easy.
Cypress 7.6.0 — The testing system.
pnpm 6.9.0 — Alternative package manager.
FingerprintJS 3.2.0 — Browser fingerprinting library.

JavaScript Developer @ Kinsta — Join our ownership-embracing team of JS developers in a relaxed environment where culture is as important as technical excellence.

📖 Articles, Opinions & Tutorials

▶  Ship Less JavaScript with Astro — An interview with one of the creators of Astro talking about how its approach is different from other SSGs. Both a practical 90 minute video and a full transcript.

Learn with Jason Show

🛠 Code & Tools

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RunJS 2.0: A Desktop Playground for JavaScript and TypeScript — First appearing 2½ years ago, this cross-platform desktop tool has just had a major update with support for multiple tabs, autocomplete, type checking, and installing npm packages direct from the editor (for anyone willing to buy a licence, at least). If you want a quick, handy JavaScript ‘sandbox’ on your desktop, it’s worth checking out.

Luke Haas

ApostropheCMS 3.0 Released — The latest release of a fully featured MIT-licensed Node.js-based CMS. It’s now powered by headless RESTful APIs from the ground up, has a new visual editing experience (powered by Vue.js), and improved modularity for extending it. GitHub repo.

Alex Gilbert

🎵 And one for fun..