Douglas Crockford on ‘retiring’ JavaScript

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Roll Your Own JavaScript Runtime — Bun, Rhino, Deno, Node, and now Blueboat.. is creating your own JavaScript runtime environment the new “hello world”? 😆 Not quite, but this is a fun walk through the bare basics of the process, and you’ll have a Rust, Tokio and V8 powered system of your own by the end of it.

Bartek Iwańczuk

Bun: A Complete Overhaul of the JavaScript Ecosystem? — Continuing on the JavaScript runtime theme, Forrest takes a thoughtful look at Bun, its promises, and potential. While it’s “still not quite ready for the workplace,” he concludes there are clearly good times ahead.

Forrest Allison

Add Professional Scheduling Components to Your Web App — Save development time with Bryntum’s web component suite. The UI library includes fully customizable Gantt, scheduler, calendar, data grid and Kanban board widgets. Integrate with React, Vue, Angular or vanilla js. Download a free 45-day trial.



Impress.js 2.0 – JS + CSS3 powered presentation framework.
Lerna 5.3 – Manage and publish multiple packages from a monorepo.
Ghost 5.5 – Node.js CMS / publishing platform.
Mongoose 6.5 – Node.js MongoDB object modeling.
NodeBB 2.3 – Node.js based forum software.
Jasmine 4.3 – Popular JS testing framework.
Node.js 18.7.0

📒 Articles & Tutorials

Everything You Need to Know About Import MapsImport maps provide a way to control the behavior of JavaScript imports so even something as simple as import moment from "moment" on a Web page could pull in the right code. They’re beginning to be used in more places despite a lack of official Firefox or Safari support yet (though polyfills are available).

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🛠 Code & Tools


Article Parser 7.0 – Extract article content from a given URL in Node.
React Simple Maps 3.0 – Beautiful SVG maps for React apps.
Emoji Mart 5.2 – Emoji picking component.
hls.js 1.2 – JS lib to play HTTP Live Streaming content.
MicroDiff 1.3 – Zero dependency object and array comparison library.
Temporal JavaScript SDK 1.0 – Durable code execution framework & platform.

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Find JavaScript Jobs with Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It’s free for job-seekers.

Did you know..

  • 👴🏻 When JavaScript Weekly started in November 2010 – 600 issues ago now – Barack Obama was serving his first term, the iPad was less then a year old, and Express had just been released. I wonder what will be going on when issue 1000 arrives..