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March 14, 2024 By Mark Otto Off

𝕏 Devon goes into extra detail 🐦 in this Twitter/X thread. You can also revisit the release of Parcel 2.12.0 to learn more.

How to Add an Onboarding Flow for your Application — Learn to enhance onboarding for your app with Clerk and Next.js: add custom session tokens, configure Next.js middleware for session data, and auto-update user metadata for a streamlined, code-efficient user experience with minimal code.


WinterJS 1.0: A Fast WinterCG and WASM-Compatible JS Runtime — WinterJS initially pitched itself as a Rust and SpiderMonkey-powered ‘Service Workers server’ but now simply boasts being the fastest WinterCG-compatible JavaScript web server full stop. The ability to run JITed JS workloads entirely under WebAssembly is next on their radar.




📒 Articles & Tutorials

Comparing JavaScript Frameworks: Templates — A thorough comparison of the template languages used by React, Vue, Angular and Svelte. Interesting analysis and this looks set to turn into a great series.

Maarten Hus

🛠 Code & Tools

Storybook 8 Released — The popular front-end component workshop introduces built-in visual testing, support for React Server Components, up to 50% faster start times, Vite 5 support, and upgraded Vue and React control auto-generation. There’s also ▶️ a launch video to enjoy.

Michael Shilman (Storybook)

The Playwright Test Generator — I don’t know why I’ve not linked this before, as it’s so useful. Playwright isn’t just a library for controlling browsers from JavaScript, but also includes a tool for generating tests and page navigation code from your own interactions. Hit record, do stuff, and code is written.