12 Best React Admin Templates Under $100 [2022 Choice]

March 28, 2022 By Mark Otto Off

Why React

We have decided to create a list of the top React admin templates for developers that are actual and trending in 2022. Each year, we see that trends are changing, but React technology stays on top of all among JavaScript. We regularly make such listings to highlight the recent React admin dashboard that appeared on the market, for instance, you can check it here.

But why do we push React forward again and again? React dashboards, and basically any admin dashboard built on React is a meaningful share representing a big part of the market.

Just check the recent statistics of React usage, US, UK, Germany and Canada take the leading positions in the world of web development according to the trends of buildwith.

Almighty React is chosen for its engaging and flexible nature. The insights of Stackoverflow and the survey of 2021 also showed that React.js library remains the most wanted and demanded technology easily surpassing jQuery among users.

However the world of JavaScript libraries is inexhaustible, and we urge you to stay tuned and keep abreast of modern web development trends keeping up with the recent tech advances.

How to Choose Which React Template is Better?

Finding an admin template that you love might take a little bit of time, but they’re easy to find on a professional marketplace, just like Flatlogic.

Frankly speaking, by and large most of these React dashboard samples are responsive, Figma ready, well documented, and have a range of UI components inside, so let’s dive into the core criteria by which we define the best admin template.

Once we have already cited this ultimate list as an example of your checklist while choosing an admin template. Surely, you can make choice by the UI and the visual appearance of admin template, but the dashboard and the starter kits compounds are still the crucial take-away points to set out:

  • Design quality
  • Code quality
  • Installation simplicity
  • Documentation quality
  • Number of unique pages
  • Update policy
  • Quality of support
  • Price
  • Clients feedback

1. Sofia React Template

Sofia React template

Price: free and $69 for the upgraded version

Sofia is a brand new React admin template for building any type of SAAS, CMS, IoT Dashboard, E-Commerce store. It was launched by the team of Flatlogic in 2021. Sofia is available in free version, in version with NodeJS backend and an open-source admin dashboard template built with React 17.0.1 and Bootstrap v4.6. This dashboards featuring a modern design system and lots of custom templates and components. Check the key features and pages included in the open source version of Sofia React template:

Key features:

  • React 17
  • Bootstrap 4.6 & SCSS
  • React Router v5
  • React hooks
  • Mobile-friendly responsive layout
  • Recharts and Apexcharts chart libraries
  • Simple login / logout
  • Error page
  • Styled Bootstrap components like buttons, badges, labels, etc
  • Create-react-app under the hood

2. Inst

Price: $24

Inst is a super stylish React admin dashboard built with the help of popular technologies like React, TypeScript, GraphiQL, Apollo, NextJS framework and GraphQL.This web dashboard template is also among the high-selling items among Envato market, and has light and dark modes. Your digital experience will be super sleek with all its charts and chats, forms and pricing plan forms, and so on. Inside you get several authorized applications like JIRA, Slack, Figma, and Invision. Inst is a good choice for highly scalable SAAS apps.

Key features:

  • React
  • React hooks
  • React context api
  • React Next.js
  • Glide.js
  • TypeScript
  • Styletron component
  • Baseweb UI + TypeScript
  • GraphQL
  • Lerna Configuration
  • Apollo
  • Firebase CRUD
  • Highly responsive
  • SSR support

3. Sing App React

Price: $69

Sing App React is one of our advanced React templates with a rich functionality made by Flatlogic. This template has become a true bestseller since 2018, and it has rightly been praised by devs worldwide. The Sing App admin template was developed with the help of the popular Bootstrap 4, React 16 and Vue.js. It has 8 chart libraries inside, user management option, a rich ecommerce panel, static and hover sidebar, nice-looking users growth, profit and orders sections, and extremely detailed documentation. Explore all the perks for the template yourself. Use Sing App React to build online store, SaaS, CMS, financial dashboards, project management tools, etc. Sing app React package can be also checked here.

Key features:

  • React
  • Fully Responsive
  • 2 Dashboards
  • E-Commerce Section
  • Revenue breakdown
  • Static & Hover Sidebar
  • Honed and polished UI icons
  • Fully Documented Codebase
  • Full support and updates

4. Isomorphic

Isomorphic is a React dashboard template for SPAs, mainly aimed at CRMs and CMS systems and various SAAS products. This dashboard was originally created for hotel bookings.

Isomorphic was made with the help of React-Redux in 2017, but it is still updated and is still up-to-date thanks to the alertness of Themeforest engineers. This admin template is super native in use and helps to manage the content. The filterable tabs give your users another way to narrow the amount of options available to them.

This React template is packed with the brim with varios options inside, e.g.: ecommerce, crum board, feedback tab, YouTube search, firestore CRUD, GitHub search, chat, notes, and dozens of other elements for the most demanding devs.

Key features:

  • ReactJS
  • Redux & Redux Saga
  • Next.js
  • React router
  • Ant Design
  • Multilingual support
  • ES6 and CSS Components
  • RTL Supported
  • Code splitting
  • Invoice builder inside

5. Light Blue React

GitHub / Documentation
Price: $0 for the personal license

Light Blue React is a real gem for developers and it was made with React and Bootstrap 4. The title of this React admin template may seem confusing because here we don’t mean the color of the template but the ‘lightweight’ of the dashboard. It uses server side rendering for SEO optimization and Node.js for the backend purposes. Light Blue React admin template can be used to create analytics dashboards, E-Commerce apps, CMS, SASS web apps, CRM, and many other web projects.

Key features:

  • React 16.5.2
  • Developer Oriented Dashboard
  • Deep background
  • 8 Chart Libraries
  • Easily customizable styling & themes
  • Over 30 unique pages
  • Fully Documented Codebase

6. Matx React Dashboard Template

GitHub / Documentation
Price: $39

MatX React material is a full-featured React Material Design Admin template with carefully described components, dependencies and all the staff important for web developer to easily create a web app. Developed by UI Lib, this dashboard is competing with other stylish server side rendered themes and React admin templates. The number of pages surprises: analytics dashboards, products, orders, several pricing table widgets, and dozens of other graphical UI elements are ready to use.

Key features:

  • Material UI
  • React
  • Redux
  • React Router
  • JWT authentication
  • Role based authentication
  • Lazy loading components
  • Code splitting
  • Vertical navigation
  • Horizontal navigation
  • Dashboard Analytics
  • CRUD Table
  • Google Map
  • Drag and Drop
  • Multilevel menu

7. Easy Dev Admin and Dashboard Template

Price: $28

One more popular React dashboard, dubbed Easy Dev, is a popular dashboard based on Redux, React, and Angular, as well as Bootstrap 4  for creating both large and small projects. Made by Themeforest, EasyDev is positioned as a modern dashboard aimed at  web and mobile apps for sport and health tracking, ecommerce stores, designing projects for providing wide analytics data, and various other web applications.

Key features:

  • More than 200 of UI Elements
  • 100+ React Pages
  • React hooks
  • Redux
  • Redux Form
  • React Router 4
  • React-hot-loader
  • Free Icon Fonts
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Material-UI
  • React-smooth-scrollbar
  • Sass-lang
  • Constant Updates

8. React Material Admin Full

Price $69

React Material Admin Full is a fully responsive React template by Flatlogic. Among the core features of this template is React hooks. React Material admin is available in 3 color themes. From the title you could guess that the UI is composed of Google Material UI elements. Inside you will see Sketch files, and a variety of widgets, icons and essential parts of a web dashboard.

Key features:

  • React 16.14.0
  • React hooks
  • React context
  • React Router v5
  • Material-UI v4
  • CSS-in-JS styles
  • Mobile friendly layout
  • Create-react-app under the hood
  • Modular Architecture
  • Webpack build

9. Skote

Price: $23

We’re constantly checking the market of React admin dashboard templates, and checking one of the biggest markets of React admin templates, known as Envato.

Among its offers, our eyes were turned to Skote, this template is an extremely stylish admin dashboard template built on React, Bootstrap, and with the help of React Responsive Bootstrap 5.1.3, and got  7+ different layouts. You can launch your new website in any layout quickly. You can change any layout in less than a minute without changing any CSS and JS files!

10. Flatlogic One

Source and details
Price: $0

Flatlogic One is a dashboard template that perfectly fits any ecommerce platform, web application, SASS based interface or admin panels.  Flatlogic One has a range of various UI elements, dashboards and forms, charts, tables and maps carefully drawn by Flatlogic UX designers. Here we used JavaScript and SCSS. The template has no distracting elements that eliminates unnecessary complexity and helps to stay consistent with user intuition.

Key features:

  • React 16.5.2
  • Redux
  • Node.js backend
  • Ecommerce section
  • Static Sidebar
  • Developer Oriented Dashboard
  • Apexcharts.js; amCharts; Echarts,
  • Responsive sidebar
  • Datatables
  • Developer Oriented Dashboard
  • Clean design
  • Flatlogic Typography
  • Flatlogic Icons
  • Notifications & Icons
  • Google Maps

11.  Hyper React Admin & Dashboard Template

Price: $49

Hyper is a powerful admin panel with a rich number of UI elements inside. We personally love the limitless elements starting from  the basic login, signup, forgotten password and profile pages ending up with ecommerce application pages; natively built-in options of pricing and invoicing. Here you can check the landing page by coderthemes where all the options are presented fully. This is a reasonable choice for all who seek perfect digital experience when working within its app analytics.

Key features:

  • Bootstrap v5.1.3
  • HTML5, CSS3, jQuery
  • React + Redux Saga library
  • Dex and Saga with no jQuery.
  • Multiple layouts
  • Ecommerce section with revenue
  • E-wallet with transaction list and money history
  • CRM with dashboards, projects, orders lists, etc
  • Material Design Icons

12. Bazar Ecommerce Template

Price: $39

Bazar is one more react admin dashboard template that is a good match for sales. To be more precise, this is an ecommerce template dashboard for online retailers and tracking revenue, analyzing the behavior of customers and its geography, marketing campaigns and many more. The wide variety of layouts and styles helps to kick things off effortlessly, thanks to the React Next.js. Check your store data with your Google Analytics, social media and marketing widgets’ data to learn what drives your sales and business. The team of UI lib really went all out and made its dashboard with a perfectly clean code.

Key features:

  • React hooks
  • TypeScript
  • Material UI Core 5
  • Next.js 12
  • Lazy image loading
  • SSR template
  • Clean Code
  • Figma Ready
  • Multiple home pages
  • Multi-vendor pages
  • Formik
  • SEO friendly
  • Optimized for mobile & performance

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That’s a Wrap

If you need a wider range of functionality, choose the premium versions of the same templates. All of them have high quality code, lifetime updates, and provide the user with all the necessary UI kits, components and elements that can be customized and will shave precious time off of your work.

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